Lord of the Kitties! (nkari) wrote,
Lord of the Kitties!

Spore update

OK so now I am almost stuck in a loop of defend homeworld, try to leave planet, get a comm before I jump system to come defend planet again. Very frustrating

Good news is I just got Gunner Achievement for 500 spaceship kills out of it, 475 of them in my airspace I would estimate, and I have finally got efficient at defending the cities now that I am down to the last one on homeworld, so now maybe all I have to do is replace a turret or two on the city after a battle, max of about $2000 but earn about $30000 in salvage from the shot down ships.

When I finally get to break orbit my gravity weapon has recharged so I go to a random enemy planet within one jump (with the several levels of engine upgrades paid for with salvage this is a wide radius) and flatten it. They don't seem to bother rebuilding so I will eventually win the war with this strategy.

Then I can go back to the easy money of spice trading and the enjoyable activities of space exploration and eco system building (once the attacking race is wiped out or surrenders)
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