Lord of the Kitties! (nkari) wrote,
Lord of the Kitties!

Magical Change pocket

SO you know how you pay for things with money and people sometimes give you change, the loose coin like change goes in your change pocket. Sooner or later the pocket gets used to pay for something with the exact amount or to pay in a way so you get less annoying change back after paying for some goods and/or services.

Today I consulted my change pocket when the Coffee van showed up at the warehouse and discovered that someone had slipped me a couple of new zealand coins at some point, not a problem really, just pass them on, most people will accept anything that looks like a 20 cent coin (even if another currency) in place of a 20 cent australian coin.

However magically one of these coins was not a new zealand 20 cent coin at all, but a 1948 New Zealand 1 Florin coin. I think that is pretty cool.
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