Lord of the Kitties! (nkari) wrote,
Lord of the Kitties!

WoW Zombie Plague

Well it looks like the zombie plague in WoW has been cured, I miss the zombies already its so neat and tidy without them. Looking forward to see what the rest of the pre-expansion launch event holds in store.

It was quite boring at the start, there was just not enough to go around for a proper hunt and it took far to long for an infected individual to turn, so was almost unspreadable.

It did get pretty awesome towards the end though once the incubation period got really short, they were everywhere shabling through the piles of corpses, then I knew it was finally time to go hunting.

Didn't matter if I was mowing hundreds of them down with my hunter or jumping in with a group of others on my priest and trying to keep them plague free whilst they did the killing it was really cool.

If you got infected and couldn't get cured it was a case of running away and getting as many other zombies to follow to buy your fellow zombie hunters space before exploding yourself to avoid repair bills.

The other upside was that the Allies were so busy with their own zombies if you wanted to go somewhere remote and do quests on low level characters there was almost no chance of getting ganked by allies, zombies are slower you can run from them, and they don't have stealth abilities.

Stangely the forums all seem to be full of people complaining about the event, no idea why, it really was pure awesome.
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