Lord of the Kitties! (nkari) wrote,
Lord of the Kitties!


So Spore finally came out (after the years of waiting since seeing the Early Demo presentation), and it is a lot of fun.

Its pretty awesome when not long after your creature grows legs and comes up on land you get stomped by a giant version of something you made in the creature creator a few months earlier because you are too busy thinking "wow, cool, I made that" instead of running away like you should.

The Space stage is proving to be a far greater challenge any of the earlier stages, buying other Cities to take over the world was easy, buying star systems to take over the universe costs a lot more, and a lot of the funds need to be diverted to setting up colonies and terraforming.

Also since I don't seem to be able to fight in space, only in atmosphere it is proving hard to go invade the colonies of the race that keeps attacking my colonies, they just shoot me down in space when I get near one of their systems but I can't shoot back. This means cash is being soaked up on repairs, and time is being wasted flying back to defend colonies instead of expanding the empire to meet game goals and earn the cash to buy out systems or paying other races to go blow stuff up for me.

Maybe I should try the Space stage with the race of creatures I just took over the world with millitarily, maybe they can fight in space.

The good thing about the guys that keep attacking me however is that they fly around in Firefly class Starships (like Serenity) that came in one of the TV/Movie spaceship packs I downloaded, so at least they look cool whilst annoying me.
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