Lord of the Kitties! (nkari) wrote,
Lord of the Kitties!

TRU Energy

If you are with Tru Engergy for your electricity switch now to someone else, anyone else. Especially if your house is in your name and you are not renting it. Their various competitors will be glad to have your business.

They are sneaky bastards that steal accounts from other companies and then screw over renters by putting the accounts they stole in the Landlord's name so that there is no way switch to any other provider without involving your Landlord.

The side effect of this is that the bills do not have the renters name on them, so how can anyone tell who the bill is actually for? In some cases this could lead to serious disputes for people, the rental market is enough a nightmare without People like TRU Energy adding to peoples problems.

This is a very unethical practice and should be punished, if they could find a way to test their billing systems on animals I am sure they would, so switch now and tell everyone you know to do so as well.

Thus concludes today's public service announcement.
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