Lord of the Kitties! (nkari) wrote,
Lord of the Kitties!


Project "washtub forge" got a new addition last night, when I was getting the brickies sand at Bunnings for the second batch of Adobe to go in it I picked up a gate valve for fine airflow adjustment, now its got this cool big red tap thingy hanging out of the side.

Project "BrainBucket" is coming along well also, the frame of the helmet is all screwed together, the 4 plates have been cut out with the angle grinder and all the nasty edges have been ground off. All panels are numbered with corresponding numbers on the frame so I know what goes where, each of the 4 plates will be slightly different to each other. Two plates have had some bashing done on them, more bashing some time this weekend.

The plates need to curve in several directions at once, that makes fine adjustment a total bitch, but for now it is rough heavy shaping that is required, that just requires endurance and keeping things even to avoid strange twists in the metal
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